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Заказчик: Department of the Navy
Номер: 7755352
Дата публикации: 14-02-2018
Источник: Federal Business Opportunities
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Тэги: Research services engineering structures Electrical services Supervision of building work Architectural design services


Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Solicitation Number: N4008418R84XA

Notice Type: Sources Sought

Synopsis: Added: Feb 13, 2018 9:05 pm THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE ONLY. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP). THERE WILL NOT BE A SOLICITATION OR SPECIFICATIONS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. This is a market research tool to determine the availability of sources prior to issuing the RFP. This announcement is for information and planning purposes only and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Far East (NAVFAC FE), implied or otherwise, to issue a solicitation or ultimately award a contract.

An award will not be made on offers received in response to this notice. The Government is not responsible for the cost associated with any effort expended in responding to this notice. The Sources sought is intended for local sources in accordance with FAR 5.202(a) (12).

Local sources are those persons or entities normally resident and licensed to conduct business in Japan. Responses from non-local sources will not be considered under this notice. The U.S. Government will not offer “United States Official Contractor” status under Article XIV of the U.S.-Japan Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) to any offeror awarded a contract under this sources sought; nor will the U.S. Government certify any employees of a contractor as “Members of the Civilian Component” under Article I(b) of the SOFA.

NAVFAC Far East FEAD Atsugi is seeking interested, eligible, qualified, responsible prospective Construction firms capable of providing the Design/Build (DB) project, “REPLACE WATER TREATMENT PLANT PUMP HOUSE, BLDG.

382 and 488 AT NAF ATSUGI, JAPAN”.

The NAICS code for this proposed procurement is 237110.


Design-Build for Repair Construction for the overall project management to repair the well pump house, building 382 and the chlorine gas shed bldg. 488 by replacement of building structure as consolidated in one location at building 382 foot print. The chlorine and fluorine chemical injection system and air compressor for sand filtering system housed inside the building structure are also repaired by replacement of plant components. Plant components repair includes rapid filter backwash line.

Architectural Work:

1. Demolish building 382 and 488 to remove all of the parts above ground and underground parts except existing pump well and related accessories.

2. Remove existing concrete slabs equipment pads and modify concrete trench.

3. Remove and dispose Lead Base Paint (LBP) of existing wallboard and steel door.

4. Provide new steel framed pump house with motor-driven shutter door, roof hatch, toilet fixtures, temporary shed for existing electrical panels and sodium solution tanks.

Mechanical Work:

1. Replace 2000 liters sodium hypochlorite solution tank.

2. Replace sodium hypochlorite solution feed pumps, suction and discharge piping valves supports and associated accessories.

3. Replace residual chlorine monitor/analyzer.

4. Remove 1000 liters and provide two(2) 1500 liters sodium fluoride solution tank.

5. Replace sodium fluoride solution tank cold water make-up line and feed pumps.


Replace air compressors, refrigerated air dryer, compressed air storage tank air filter, etc.

7. Replace solenoid valves emergency shower and eye wash, pressure gages, etc.

8. Provide power roof ventilator, ceiling mounted exhaust fan, air-cooled direct expansion ductless split system heat pump unit.

Electrical Work:

1. Remove lighting control switches, receptacles, power panes, control panels, underground service feeder, telephone terminal cabinet, overhead telephone service, intercom system, etc.

2. Provide motor control center with built-in main circuit breaker, branch circuit breaker for deep well pump, reduced voltage magnetic starter, dry type transformer, control panel, building distribution panes, etc.


Provide consolidated control panel with chemical control, sand filter, deep well control with SCADA compatible with existing monitoring system.

4. Relocate service switch panel.

5. Provide GFCI duplex receptacle outlet, etc.

6. Provide telephone terminal cabinet, outlet, light switch, protected entrance terminal (PET), telecommunication main grounding bus bar (TMGB), intercom system, fire alarm control panel, fire alarm building transceiver (king fisher), Omni-directional antenna, smoke detector, heat detector, etc.

Civil Work:

1. Remove, dispose and provide asphalt pavement, concrete curb, gutter, concrete side walk, concrete steps, water line, drainage line, chain-link fence, etc.

2.Provide sodding, concrete pavement, cherry trees, pavement marking, etc..

The successful contractor to any forthcoming solicitation shall provide all labor, supervision, management, tools, materials, equipment, facilities, transportation, incidental engineering, and other items necessary for to accomplish the required work in the SOW.

Statement of Capabilities Submittal Requirements: Interested firms should submit information as to the capabilities, capacity and experience to perform the tasks set forth above.

The Statement of Capability (SOC) will determine the feasibility and/or basis for the Navy’s decision to proceed with acquisition. Interested firms must submit a SOC, which describes, in detail, the firm’s capability of providing these services at various Military and other Federal facilities worldwide. Your SOC shall include the followings:

(1) full name and address of the firm;

(2) year firm was established;

(3) name of two principals (including titles, telephone and fax numbers

(4) indicate if the firm is registered in the SAM (System for Award Management) database, include DUNS Number and CAGE Code; and

(5) provide information on recent past projects that best illustrate your qualifications for this contract.

List up to three projects performed within the last five years.

The Government reserves the right to request additional information as needed, from any and all respondents. Submitted information shall be UNCLASSFIED.

Responses are due on 28 February 2018, by 4:00 PM Japan Standard Time (JST). The package shall be sent by electronically to miki.masuda.ja@fe.navy.mil. Questions or comments regarding this notice may be addressed to Miki Masuda either by e-mail miki.masuda.ja@fe.navy.mil or by telephone 011-81-467-63-2545.

Contracting Office Address: N40084 NAVFAC FAR EAST, FEAD ATSUGI PSC 477, Box 15, FPO AP 96306-0001 Mubanchi Oogami, Ayase Kanagawa,

Point of Contact(s): Ms. Miki Masuda
Contract Specialist Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Far East

PSC 477, Box 15, FPO AP 96349,BLDG 89, 1st Floor
Tel: 0463-67-2545
e-mail: miki.masuda.ja@fe.navy.mil

General Information Notice Type: Sources Sought

Posted Date: February 13, 2018

Response Date: February 28, 2018

Archiving Policy: Automatic, on specified date

Archive Date: March 28, 2018

Original Set Aside: N/A

Set Aside: N/A

Classification Code: Z -- Maintenance, repair, and alteration of real property

NAICS Code: 237 -- Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction/237110 -- Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction

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